There is a lot of global attention on the new presidency in the US right now. While many have watched with their head in their hands recently and others have had their head in the sand, we’ve compiled some additional more reasons it might be good to book a flight sometime soon to escape the US for some peace, solitude and time to reflect. Here at TheDesignAir, we’ve wrapped up some of the best reasons to jump on a plane.


United rolls out Polaris equipped 777-300ER to Hong Kong
Aptly named ‘The Spirit of United,’ the carrier’s new 777-300ER is fitted with their new Polaris business class. This could be the perfect reason to take a long-haul flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong from March 25th. Why not try out the aircraft’s unique cabin configuration at the front of the plane, featuring all-aisle access seats, Saks Fifth Avenue bedding and new cocktail and food menus. If you can’t drink your sorrows away, perhaps you can curl up in your pyjamas and try to sleep it off, waking up believing it’s all been a horrible dream.

Emirates Boeing 777-300ER

Emirates starts New York – Athens Route
If you are starting to question whether this is the end of civilisation as we know it, why not explore the birthplace of it all, in Greece. Utilising a 777-300ER, Emirates is now offering its first flight from Newark to Dubai, via the Greek capital, Athens. Starting in March, it will offer First Class suites and Business Class cabins alongside economy. There’s no ‘economy light’ fares here though, just thousands of entertainment programs to keep you entertained – even live TV, should you want to watch the latest bill get passed.


Hawaiian’s new business class is steadily being rolled out
Childhood home of Obama, Hawaii may be one of the States people may want to flock to. However, they can do that in style due to Hawaiian Airlines new business class product, which is being progressively rolled out across the A330 fleet. The new seats will soon be flying across the majority of its international routes, as well as flights to New York and the West Coast. Featuring fully flat beds, the new cabin has taken a massive jump forward in offering custom comfort, enhancing its signature service and catering.


Cuba has opened its doors to the US
Now might be a great time to visit Cuba. With multiple airlines just starting to fly from all over the US, the country is still relatively untouched by American tourism. It may only be a short hop from most US destinations, but it couldn’t feel further away. With JetBlue, American, United, Delta and Southwest, there are even more ways to get there from all across the US.


Come visit a sympathetic ally… and we thought Brexit was bad!
Over in the UK, we’ve been dealing with our own issues for a few months. Why not catch up with old friends and family and drown your sorrows over a pint, contemplating where it all went wrong. Virgin Atlantic is now offering more flights to the US from Manchester, and for those passengers flying to/from Gatwick, there are new British Airways and Virgin Atlantic lounges opening, due to the terminal swap over there.

Qatar 777 interior shoot

Stay in the air as long as possible
One of the greatest joys of flying is being able to switch off from the rest of the world. You are able to give your head a 17.5 hour break, thanks to the longest flight in the world now flying between Doha and Auckland on Qatar Airways 777-200LR aircraft. Brave passengers might even want to contemplate oneworld round-the-world flight, flying Los Angeles – Doha – Auckland – Santiago – Los Angeles to stay above the clouds for as long as possible.


The Caribbean is Mint
JetBlue’s Mint Class, their regional first class offering, is not only rolled found flying across Transcontinental but also Caribbean routes. With the airline expanding the Mint product across more destinations from Boston and New York, it’s easier to fly in Mint comfort all the way from the West Coast to the Caribbean, although you might want to switch off the live TV!


Jump that wall. Guadalajara and Mexico City have even more flights from the US
Aeromexico is doing a great job of breaking down borders. The airline recently announced increased frequencies from the US to Guadalajara and Mexico City with onward connections to South America and Europe on its impressive new 787-9 aircraft including its brand new all-aisle business class.


New Oneworld Lounges in Heathrow are a home away from home
Heathrow is one of the largest airports outside the US flying passengers in and out of the East Coast of America. So, it’s great news that passengers flying from Terminal 3 on oneworld carriers, (American Airlines, Qantas, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, SriLankan and British Airways to name just a few) now have access to Cathay Pacific’s brand new lounge and Qantas new lounge opening soon. Heathrow is certainly trying to invest in comfort for their passengers and our recommendation is to head to Cathay’s luxurious new space for some well-deserved pampering to prepare for your flight to the US.


Aeromexico’s New Anti-Wall Advert is inspiring
If you haven’t seen it, its perhaps one of the strongest advertising campaigns from an airline to respond to the recent political shifts in the USA. Even though this isn’t officially hosted or referenced on Aeromexico’s official YouTube channel, this powerful, moving response does well to respond with intelligence in a calm, strong manner to the feverish and polarised media coverage of the recent election.

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6 replies on “10 (Extra) Reasons To Fly From America Right Now

  1. Considering your presumably diverse readership & for example, the amount that airlines such as Etihad & Emirates feature, surely it must cross your mind that this article is incredibly insensitive to any Muslims and/or those who just happened to be born in any of the 7 countries that Trump has just banned from visiting the US for no apparent reason other than racism

    1. Hi Kate, we thought this article might bring about some discussion and we welcome it. We actually wrote this for people wanting to get out of the US rather than going to it. That’s why we applaud the videos from Aeromexico, or promote Qatar Airways in our list. Here at TheDesignAir we actively encourage diversity and support everyone from every walk of life. Our site does not promote political views, we understand that many are dismayed with the actions of the current office and wish to take some time out. None of the above is designed to cause any disrespect to any person(s) from any faith or religions.

    2. Maybe it is because I’m not a native English speaker but I absolutely don’t understand what you are trying to say.
      Go through the post and you’ll read: “Waking up to a horrible dream”; questioning whether “this is the end of civilisation as we know it”; visit Cuba now!; “contemplating where it all went wrong”; “jump that wall”; and Aeromexico’s New Anti-Wall Advert – I mean it couldn’t be clearer, could it?!
      Where regularly one reads about the colour of a winglet or the breadth of the cheatline – this is actually a very political stance. Therefore, why on earth should anyone except the die-hard Trump supporters be offended??
      I find a statement like “surely it must cross your mind that this article is incredibly insensitive” quite patronizing and sanctimonious, and one really wonders whether you bothered to read the post and look at the Aeromexico ad…?

  2. Kudos to you, Mr. Clark! What’s happening in my country is a nightmare scenario come true. And it is only going to get worse. EVERYONE needs to speak out and I applaud you for doing so. I’ve been a fan of your site for some time. Never more so than today.

  3. As an American citizen who is horrified by recent events in our country, I totally get what you doing in this post and I am taking your advice by booking Singapore Air’s new non-stop from SFO to SIN! Can’t wait to get a break, but am not looking forward to explaining things to our friends overseas.

  4. I think it’s hard to assert that there isn’t some unsubtle political message in the rhetoric used in the article. I respect that everyone is entitled to their own political views, but hopefully, there’s a realization that the diverse readership of this site has diverse political views too. On a site that reviews cabins, in-flight products, lounges, livery, and uniforms, the political sentiments felt very out of place. I am a huge fan of this site. I come here to escape ordinary life, to read about airplanes, far-flung travel destinations, and envision the way I’d get there. I found the political undertones were an unfortunate intrusion into that escape. While I think it is important to have robust public discourse and to express opinions and have these discussions, I wish we as readers had at least one refuge to be spared from the constant inundation of political messaging we receive from every other aspect of our lives these days and that theDesignAir could be that refuge.

    Other than that, great article with some good travel ideas.

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