Etihad Airways, who is turning 15 this year, has just launched a new ‘Choose Well’ campaign reflecting the airline’s new customer proposition. The airline references the multiple choices we face when we travel, and how to customise the journey on their own terms. It is also reaffirms that Etihad’s customers, partners, guests and employees are at the heart of every good choice it makes.

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The inspiration behind the new campaign was taken from the Founding Father of the UAE, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and the choices he made to develop his nation and his people.

The refresh sees the inclusion of the ‘Choose Well’ line as part of the airline’s visual identity, deployed across marketing collateral, sponsorships and events with the aim of creating greater visual impact. It recognises the decision-making power of the consumer, something which Etihad are now openly confronting in their brand messaging.

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Robin Kamark, Etihad Airways Chief Commercial Officer, said: “We are a proud advocate of choice and have introduced a range of products that allow our guests to personalise every aspect of their experience. We believe that the power of choice lies with them. Whether that’s First, Business or Economy, the power is with the guest to decide what products are right for them. We are an airline of choices and our latest campaign perfectly encapsulates the decisions that our people and guests make every day.”

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The airline only recently has added to the myriad of bolt-ons available to passengers, especially in the airline’s economy cabin with an ‘Economy Space’ option, featuring seats with 36″ pitch.

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Jason Foo, Chief Executive Officer of BBD Perfect Storm, the creative agency Etihad worked with to develop the new brand platform, said: “Research showed that Etihad offering greater choices was a game changer. But this brand platform is about more than just travel. In life we are all defined by the choices we make. We were incredibly inspired by the choices the late Sheikh Zayed made that not only defined his life, but the development of the UAE. This campaign is about inspiring, celebrating and offering great choices to all.  It’s a rallying call. Those that choose well, live well.”

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One thought on “Etihad Launches ‘Choose Well’ Campaign Highlighting New Product Offering

  1. Oh
    I felt the inspiration for this campaign came from Etihad itself. With the investment choices they have made till now. I feel before telling the passengers to choose well Etihad is telling itself the same. With the improper choices it has made by investing in the likes of Alitalia, Air Berlin and Jet Airways. So it needs to choose well where it puts it’s oil money!
    Thank you.

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