There is something to be said about UK advertising. It is some of the best in the world. Thomson’s latest advert currently screened on TV is somewhat reminiscent of the BA campaigns ‘To Fly to Serve’ seen on British TV before the Olympics. This move to nostalgia is quite common now, as coming out of a recession its common for brands to try to create that ‘warm fuzzy feeling’ that makes us feel comfortable and secure. I love the advert, the contrast between old-school videos of historic package holidays against the modernity of the new plane really sits well with current trends. Just look at instagram on an iPhone, it’s an identical concept.

Behind the advert (shot on a 747 in part) is a wealth of internet campaigns to support their Dreamliner debut, such as the ‘Dreamliner Dash’, ‘Name a 787’, the use of the slogan ‘Fly Dream Haul’. As it is the first UK airline to take delivery of the Dreamliner, it’s no surprise they are really using this as a selling point for their marketing drive.

Thomson have really used the Dreamliner as a launch pad for improving their product, and it’s good to see confidence to invest into a fleet, even at this slightly fragile time in the economy.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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