Swoon. It’s no real surprise that Virgin America kept it’s probably now rather weighty crown of Best Domestic Airline in the US this year, it’s 5th year in a row. For those of thinking ‘Fix! Fix!’ It’s hard to say it is, as this award is voted by readers of Travel and Leisure magazine, rather than a board of uber cool West Coasters who love cocktails, onboard wi-fi, aweseome inflight entertainment, or mood lighting that really show off their Tumi luggage.

It’s great to see, especially after the airline posted yet another quarterly loss, that the airline is sticking to their guns of providing excellent service, excellent product and cool new routes still opening up. It seems that the airline knows that for it to expand into a profitable airline, it can’t cut corners! It’s nice to see they are game changers over in the US too, with many of the other airlines sitting up and taking note. Fair to say that Virgin America does have the added bonus of super sexy luxury lounges such as the JFK clubhouse, as shared with British cousin, Virgin Atlantic, far superior to other airline lounges in the US

Now that Virgin America has tied up with some serious major international players offering an interline agreement too, they are on track for being an internationally recognised no.1 travel option in the US, even though they are just domestic carrier, especially now that you’ll probabaly still be earning miles with your airline of choice closer to home.

Now then Virgin America, when are you launching to Hawai’i?

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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