Etihad, arguably one of the world’s finest airlines are following the current trend of creating inspirational campaigns to generate excitement about travelling and impart a sense of warmth when discovering the rest of the world. Their subtle take on brand association fits with BA‘s, Virgin’s or even Emirates latest campaigns, which are less about hard product, and more about emotional attachment. This is a common practice for advertising agencies, especially in an economic downturn. Consumers are less driven by technological advancements, and actually want a brand they feel comforted by. To give it a context, advertisers try to turn brands into comfort foods during recessions.

Etihad have very cleverly done this too, the tonal colours, music, all harks back to the ‘golden era’ of travel, and the advert feels more Orient Express than airline, and why not. Once you look past the obvious lack of any real vision of what your journey would be like, you do feel like you are entering a special world of special ‘moments’, where you are looked after and pampered, but not as ostentatiously as you may be with other airlines. The concept of exploration is also a great story line too, as everyone likes to think of themselves as an explorer, but most secretly want to do it in comfort.

No surprises that it is pieced together by brand specialist M&C Saatchi, and the airline’s first major campaign in 3 years. The theme is based upon ‘The World Is Our Home, You Are Our Guest’ and will be supported by international and TV, print, outdoor, and digital media advertising.

We think this special, quiet, and reserved campaign sits perfectly with the airline’s ethos of being “not the biggest airline in the world, but the best.” Here is a sneak peek at the behind the scenes making of the new Etihad video.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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