Air Canada Rouge Sneak Peek

Air Canada rouge shares first look at newly painted plane

A few months ago, we posted the artists impression for Air Canada’s new diffusion brand ‘rouge’ set for their leisure routes. The first plane has been painted and has just shown itself to the world in these glossy press pics. Whilst a shiny plane always looks great, we still can’t help but feel this brand has a couple of down falls.

Firstly, the typeface of ‘rouge’… we are pretty sure we have seen before on free font websites. Secondly, the tailfin, is so close in design to Air Berlin’s that it could easily be mistaken, and considering the product offering is set to be similar, seems to have lost some of its own personality.

The new uniforms for the airline will be announced soon, and photos will appear on as soon as they are released.

Air Canada rouge shares first look at newly painted plane


  1. Gary

    Looks fine to me … why is Mr. Jonny Clark so obtrusively critical?

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  3. john mckaigney

    The O in rOuge is lipstick red and looks like an open mouth ! Not Sexy !

  4. Jimmy

    Dunno why the post is tagged ‘767’ when the plane is pretty clearly an A319.

  5. Carlos

    I like the Tailândia logo. The word ” rouge ” it is banal

  6. Carlos

    I like the Tail logo. The word rouge is banal. By looking we see the airplane is rouge.

  7. The font is Linotype Ego. Very lazy design.

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